Valentines Day Martini Recipe


We caught up with our cocktail mastermind Pete to learn how to mix the perfect Valentines Martini.

  • Pete Simpson
  • Old Stocks Inn cocktail

Friday 10 February 2017

Love potions: Valentine’s Day Martini recipe

Add a dash of romance this Valentine’s Day with a cocktail that is smooth and sexy! This is one that you can mix for your other half and will certainly earn you brownie points.

What you’ll need to make a romantic Chocolate and Fig martini

  • 25ml Plum and Cardamom vodka
  • 25ml Dark chocolate liqueur
  • 25ml Fig Liqueur
  • Dark chocolate – to serve on the side

How to mix this special Valentine’s Day love potion

Add the flavoured Vodka, dark chocolate liqueur and fig liqueur to your cocktail shaker. You want to do this in front of your partner and not have it pre-made. Going through the process all adds to the romantic mix and shows the effort you are going to this Valentine’s Day. Anyone can buy a box of chocolates but not everyone goes to the trouble of finding a fantastic cocktail to make.

Pop in some ice and shake, shake, shake. You need to give it a good shake to ensure that the drink ends up mixed perfectly, with a smooth and sexy texture.

Don’t forget to put on some romantic music in the background, think Barry White or one of the tunes from Cocktail if Tom Cruise is more your style.

Filter into a Martini glass then place four squares of dark chocolate on the side. Break them into two pieces and put them in a love heart shape – go on – if you are going to out for the full on romantic gesture you need a love heart, and what better than a chocolate one?

Learn how to craft the perfect cocktail

Don’t forget if you want to impress you can come along to one of our cocktail masterclasses, learning how to make a number of great drinks such as a Cosmo, something nice and summery that you can serve in a pitcher and an Old Stocks favourite - the Espresso Martini. You’ll learn how to mix, muddle and shake, which are the key elements of making most cocktails, in a nice, relaxed setting – just make sure you save the bottle throwing until you get home!

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