Keeping it Local: How we use what’s on our doorstep


The Old Stocks Inn would be nothing without its local partners. Head chef Ian Percival's latest blog for British Food Fortnight talks about where we get some of our local produce from.

  • The Old Stocks Inn are all about local produce

Sunday 1 October 2017
Food and Drink

Here at the Old Stocks Inn we are all about local produce. By sourcing our food from the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas we make sure we support our local suppliers, as well as knowing we are able to serve some of the best produce there is.

As a rule, the less miles that food is transported, the better it is for everybody involved. By doing this we help the environment, we know our food is fresh and we help to keep British farming alive.

Our vegetables come from AM Baileys, in Stratford-upon-Avon. They are also committed to procuring local produce whenever it is possible and they offer a great variety of very seasonal vegetables. This ensures that their supplies are fresh and natural to the core.

Vegetables produced seasonally also have health benefits for the time of year. For example, as summer slowly turns to winter, the vegetables we serve will be full of vitamin C to help you stave of the cold winds and crisp air which is on its way.

We get our cheese from The Cotswold Cheese Company's shop here in Stow-on-the-Wold. They have a great selection available of both local cheeses and famous ones from across the continent. The range is handpicked to ensure the highest quality and the best flavour. They focus on regional artisan and farmhouse cheese, before finding regional English cheese and then types from France, Italy and Spain.

All of this means our cheese board is full of unique and brilliantly tasty varieties.

And our beef comes from the award-winning butchers Walter Rose & Son. Based in Wiltshire, the family business provides hand-made products for us using that famous British beef we have talked so much about. They have a massive variety for us to choose from, so we can provide the best type of beef depending on the dish we are serving. They have regular deliveries too so we have the freshest meat ready to be cooked, and most of all it tastes brilliant.

So as we celebrate British food this fortnight let's remember that, when it comes to the food being served in our restaurant - the more local, the better.

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