Pete brings science to the shaker


Our cocktail-making extraordinaire, Pete Simpson, tells us about his recent course in molecular mixology.

  • Cocktails at the Old Stocks Inn, Stow-on-the-wold
  • Cocktails at the Old Stocks Inn, Stow-on-the-wold

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Our Team

Throwing a bottle or shaker over your shoulder just doesn’t do it these days, cocktails have upgraded and gone all Heston Blumenthal.

Not ones to miss a trick at the Old Stocks Inn we’ve embraced molecular mixology to add to our cocktail repertoire and have built some surprising presentation skills in to the mix!

It happened with food a few years ago and now drinks have followed suit, it is all about the theatre, the performance when making a drink, it creates an experience but ultimately it is about adding to the flavour and making something really memorable.

Molecular mixology brings science to the shaker creating a great visual spectacle, new flavours and textures that enhance the whole drinking experience.

A trip to the big smoke for a molecular mixology course later and I’m full of ideas for new drinks, more visual fun with the making and I’m looking forward to sharing my new skills.

There is a science to it all, but it really does sound more difficult than it is, you’ve got to stick to weights and measures to get the drink tasting just right and you’ve got to add in the extra sparkle in the making process to show just how magnificent these drinks can be.

Smoke, foam and lots of different textures are the order of the day with cocktails right now and I’ll be introducing some new names to the Old Stocks drinks list pretty soon. I’m still working on getting them just right before setting them free on our customers.

We are running a number of mixology course of our own for people to come and try out mixing a number of cocktails themselves. The sessions will take place on May 19, August 18 and October 20 and cost £20 per person. These popular events will be even more spectacular thanks to my new molecular mixology skills – book your place now on our website. 

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