Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokémon Go at The Old Stocks


Are you playing Pokémon Go? We definitely are, as the historic stocks we take our name from have been chosen as an official Pokéstop! Plus, we’ve got exclusive offers for players.

  • Pokémon Go in the Cotswolds: Old Stocks Inn, Stow
  • Pokémon Go in the Cotswolds: Old Stocks Inn, Stow

Thursday 21 July 2016

We’ll admit it – we’ve been bit by the Pokémon Go bug! We just can’t stop trying to catch ‘em all, and it helps that we’ve got a Pokéstop right outside our front door. You can restock your supplies at the ‘Rotary Shackles’ (better known as the Old Stocks) Pokéstop from inside our hotel and coffee shop, so why not take a stroll around the Square, see what you can catch and then pop in for a coffee?

Thanks to the fact that we’re right next to a Pokéstop, lots of Pokémon have hiding in the hotel, but we need your help to discover them all! And to reward you, we’ve got an exclusive offer available for all keen Pokémon trainers.

Just use the in-app camera to take a picture of any Pokémon you’ve caught in the hotel or the coffee shop. Show the picture to a member of staff and you’ll get 10% off any drinks purchased in the coffee shop.

We love how the game is bringing people together to play and we’re really excited to see what kinds of Pokémon everyone is catching, so don’t forget to share your Poké-snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with our #oldstocksinn hashtag. Happy hunting!

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