Wayne Joins MasterChef: The Professionals


Our Head Chef Wayne Sullivan has only gone and made it onto MasterChef: The Professionals! See him in action from Wednesday 23 November.

  • Autumn menu dishes at The Old Stocks Inn, Cotswolds
  • Autumn menu dishes at The Old Stocks Inn, Cotswolds
  • Wayne Sullivan on MasterChef: The Professionals | Old Stocks Inn

Tuesday 22 November 2016
In The Media

Wayne will showcase his culinary talents to the entire nation on BBC Two this week – and we can’t wait!  Pitted against five top chefs from across the country, he will also face the judgement of MasterChef regular Gregg Wallace, renowned chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing.

It was a case of third-time-lucky for Wayne, who had applied for the competition twice before without much success. “I gave up after the second time thinking that it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t have a crisis of confidence per se, but I genuinely don’t believe I’m as good a chef as people say I am.

“My wife really pushed me to give it one more try – she was determined to see me believe in myself. We agreed that this would be the last time that I applied but in the end, she was right!” said Wayne.

He’s usually a lot more prepared in the kitchen, but when it came to applying for MasterChef, he made it by the skin of his teeth – submitting the online application just before the midnight deadline. At 8.30am the next morning, he got a call from the production company, who invited him to come along and audition.

Wayne was selected as one of just 48 chefs in total, and on Wednesday’s episode, will have to complete two tasks: producing a signature dish and undergoing the series’ fiendish Skills Test, where he will be challenged with recreating a dish chosen by the judges in the hope of earning a place in the quarter-finals.

Don’t forget to tune in to the show on BBC Two at 8pm from Wednesday 23 November to see Wayne in action and find out how he gets on!

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