British Food Fortnight - What British food means to our head chef


In our latest blog, head chef Ian Percival talks about what British food means to him as he looks to mark British Food Fortnight

  • British Food Fortnight - The Old Stocks Inn - head chef Ian Percival
  • British Food Fortnight - The Old Stocks Inn - head chef Ian Percival

Friday 22 September 2017
Food and Drink

As the head chef here at the Old Stocks Inn, it will not come as a surprise to you that I love food - and you can't get much better than British food.

With British Food Fortnight now upon us, we have a time to celebrate this nation's cuisine and our home produce. The festival runs from 23 September until 8 October and up and down the country there will be special food initiatives, projects and events all coming together to promote our local larder.

At the Old Stocks Inn we are standing together with the likes of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the BBC to deliver this important message and promote British produce. From our farms to our fishing towns and vegetable fields, we have a bit of everything to help chefs like me to do what we do - and so it is a message worth delivering.

British food, to me, is versatile exciting and bold. I try to honour this in my cooking and we are committed here to serving the finest cuisine from this nation but with an innovative and interesting twist.

My modern style has been crafted by the years I spent working in Cornwall and so I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to cooking fish. When we talk about British food we often forget that our isles have a wealthy source of sea around it to fish from as we tend to focus on the green pastures and farm land that are also iconic parts of our cuisine.

Our main of plaice, served with risotto, mussels, caviar and samphire, is the perfect example of a British classic with a touch of Old Stocks magic! But if food from the land is more to your taste then look no further than our smoked ham hock starter, served with apricot, Earl Grey and brioche for that taste of Albion.

These are just two examples but our entire menu tries to honour the land it comes from. Of course we bring our own special influences to our dishes and make them unique, but they are nothing if they are not British.

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