Cocktails 101 with Head Barman Pete: Espresso Martini


At our Cocktail Masterclasses, you’ll learn how to make some of our brilliant drinks. One of the stars of the class is our Espresso Martini – but if you want to sneak a bit of practice in, Pete’s sharing our recipe on the blog!

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Thursday 14 April 2016

I love mixing up an Espresso Martini – it’s a simple, yet stylish drink that really packs a punch. It’s also easy enough to make at home.

What you’ll need to make a smooth Espresso Martini

  • Double shot of espresso
  • Shot of vodka
  • Shot of coffee liqueur – either Tia Maria or Kahlua work well
  • Dash of sugar syrup
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans for decoration

How to make the magic happen

First of all, make the coffee. If you don’t have an espresso maker at home, you can brew or filter two to three tablespoons of ground espresso coffee with 100ml hot water to get a similar effect. You need to ensure that your coffee’s as strong as possible to get the flavour to come through. You can use decaf if you’re desperate, but that’s on your conscience, not mine!

Add the vodka to a glass, then the coffee liqueur and a dash of sugar syrup. Pour the coffee into the mix and top up the glass with ice.

Grab your cocktail shaker and put the top over the glass. Then shake it like you mean it, making sure all the contents of the glass go into the shaker. You need to give it a good shake to ensure that the drink ends up with a nice crema on the top.

Filter into a Martini glass then place three coffee beans together in a leaf shape on the crema as a finishing touch. Let it settle and you have the perfect Espresso Martini.

Learn how to craft the perfect cocktail

As well as learning how to make our Espresso Martini, you’ll have the opportunity to try making some classic drinks at our cocktail masterclasses, such as a Cosmo, something nice and summery that you can serve in a pitcher and an Old Stocks favourite. You’ll learn how to mix, muddle and shake, which are the key elements of making most cocktails, in a nice, relaxed setting – just make sure you save the bottle throwing until you get home!

If you’d like to come to one of our cocktail masterclasses, give us a call on 01451 830 666 to book your place. They’re lots of fun for groups of friends, or perfect if you just want to try something different! Visit our cocktail masterclasses event page to get all the details.

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