‘Gnocchi’ up a treat for National Vegetarian Week


NATIONAL Vegetarian Week is here (May 15-21), and this gives us a great opportunity to talk about one of our favourite vegetarian dishes.
It is estimated that there are three million vegetarians in the UK and we are proud to offer a great choice of meat free dishes here at the Old Stocks Inn.
For us, Vegetarian Week is not only about celebrating vegetarianism, but also about getting non-vegetarians to try veggie dishes too, which thankfully these days include some really delicious, exciting food.

  • ‘Gnocchi’ up a treat for National Vegetarian Week

Monday 15 May 2017
Food and Drink

Here is one of our favourite that we serve in our restaurant: Gnocchi

To make the Gnocchi you will need:

700g of baked mash

300g of 00 flour

20g salt

20g soft butter

80g of grated parmesan

4 egg yolks

Chopped parsley and tarragon

Combine all the ingredients into a dough and then make into little balls, roll each ball back with a fork. Cook the Gnocchi in boiling salt water until they rise to the top. Chill with ice water and then keep the Gnocchi under oil.

We think that Gnocchi tastes great with so many different Veggie sauces but this tomato one is always a hit.

Vegetarian tomato sauce:

Sweat onion, garlic, chilli, carrots, leek and celery in oil – don’t roast them, as soon as they start to sweat add some water and reduce it, do this two times, then add plum tomatoes and cook until soft. Put the sauce through a ricer and then season with balsamic vinegar, Worcester sauce and tomato ketchup and then simmer for 20 -30 minutes. Don’t forget to taste as you go along.

Pass the sauce through a sieve and blitz what is left in the sieve in a mixer until it becomes a paste. Then add this back into the sauce and reduce until you have a sauce consistency and pass through a sieve again (believe us it is worth it!). Heat the sauce through in a pan and season with salt and pepper.

The special bit: Season some ricotta with toasted, blitzed fennel seeds, salt, pepper and chives, and serve with chargrill baby leeks, carrots and cherry tomatoes

The dish

Put the sauce in the middle of the plate with some of the gnocchi on top, place the chargrilled vegetables and the ricotta on top, add a few potato skin crisps and a sprinkle of parmesan – with dishes this tasty, National Vegetarian Week is something to really celebrate.

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