Sampling Great Ales at Purity Brewery


Purity Brewery makes great-tasting beers and has very impressive environmental credentials. Naturally, we’re looking forward to sharing their craft-brewed beers with our guests when The Old Stocks reopens.

  • Great tasting ales will be served at The Old Stocks Inn, Stow
  • Purity Brewery Visit, The Old Stocks Inn, Stow-on-the-Wold
  • Purity Brewery Visit, The Old Stocks Inn, Stow-on-the-Wold

Thursday 1 January 2015

As well as looking for drinks that taste fantastic, we’re keenly hunting out suppliers that use locally sourced ingredients and really care about the food and drink they’re producing. On the beer side of things, Purity Brewery definitely fits into that category. Richard and Charlotte have worked with Purity before, serving the original Gold and UBU beers at their previous bar and restaurant, so we’re really keen to bring their range of beers and ciders to the Cotswolds for The Old Stocks guests to enjoy.

We love Purity’s craft ales, as well as their commitment to being the best in the business. Their branding is fantastic and they have some brilliant names for their products – who could resist a pint of Mad Goose, Longhorn IPA or Lawless Lager? Not a lot of other pubs or bars in the Cotswolds serve Purity beers at the moment, so we’re hoping to be real trailblazers by introducing their range to our guests.

Although we were familiar with Purity already, we jumped at the opportunity to visit the brewery to find out even more about them, and we were very impressed with what we discovered! Purity has fantastic environmental practices, and the team really care about how their drinks are produced. Their ales are brewed using Warwickshire water, their malt and hops are fed to the Longhorn cattle on the farm and waste water is naturally recycled using reed pools. The footprint of waste water for a pint of Purity beer is just three pints, compared to nine pints for more commercial beers.

On our visit, Matt and Daryl from the brewery talked us through their products and, most importantly for us, how to care for them in our cellar. We really admire the care and precision they apply to every stage of their process, making sure that a good amount of TLC goes into each and every product. That fits right in with The Old Stocks ethos and is just what we’re looking for from our suppliers.

We look forward to offering our troupe members training with the Purity team, both at the brewery and here at The Old Stocks, so we know that the beer served in the best possible way for our guests. We want to be sure that when our guests have a drink, it tastes exactly as Purity intended! And if our guests like what they taste (which we’re certain they will), we will be happy to arrange for them to take a tour of the brewery just like we did and maybe even sample a limited edition ale.

So, thank you very much to the guys at Purity for taking the time to show us round, and we’re really excited to share our favourite Purity products with our guests next year!

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